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Earn a Steady and Stable, Risk-adjusted Opportunity

You can invest in a portfolio of high-quality trade invoices for a steady, stable and risk-adjusted opportunity with Incomlend Capital, a new asset class, traditionally monopolised by banks. Our investment solutions provide stability, diversification benefits, and reliability for your investments in cross-border trade receivables, providing investors with an alternative source of income.

Incomlend Capital has set up risk assessment protocols to address each transaction’s underlying risk, providing investors with a wealth of information to guide them in executing their investment strategies. Commensurate with their risk appetite, investors gather on the Incomlend Group platform to give businesses diversified funding sources.

Our skilled and experienced team provides management direction on the Luxembourg-domiciled fund. Due to our robust risk management processes, we aim for very low volatility and minimal downside for our investors.

You can benefit from Incomlend Group’s extensive collaboration with world-class credit insurers and the opportunity to manage and mitigate credit and operational risks. Our cloud-based solution secures your funds through licensed trustees.

Safe and Secure

Your Investments Funds are Safe and Secured with Incomlend Capital.

  • Steady and stable, risk-adjusted opportunity
  • Low volatility
  • Well-diversified
  • Short-term maturity

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